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Lipidol Quick Tips

Did you know our skin’s natural way of looking after itself is through the production of oils known as lipids? By using oils in daily skincare you help your skin maintain its natural way of working.

This is why the makers of Bio-Oil made a daily skin care line to balance your skin, avoid problems and allow it to glow every day! Lipidol is the world’s first range of oils for daily skincare.

Let's meet the oils!

Cleansing Face Oil

  • Most cleansers cannot distinguish between dirt on the skin and the natural oily layer that holds moisture in the skin, washing away both and leaving the skin feeling tight and dry. Cleansing Face Oil dissolves makeup and dirt without stripping your skin!
  • Tip: Apply to dry face. Completely massage your face. Makeup and impurities will dissolve into the oil. Add a little water to your finger tip and continue massaging. The oil will emulsify to form a watery cream. Rinse off. Pat dry your face.  

Cleansing Body Oil

  • Cleansing Body Oil dissolves away dirt, cleaning without stripping the skin, which is of great benefit to dry skin sufferers because the dry skin cycle starts with abrasive washing.
  • Tip: Apply to wet skin or add to a loofah/ scrub. The oil will emulsify and lather. Rinse off. 

After Shower Oil

  • After Shower Oil creates an invisible barrier which helps hold in moisture, especially in a dry climate where moisture is continually being drawn out of the skin by the dry outside air. We promise your skin will be glowing after applying.

Overnight Face Oil

  • Overnight Face Oil creates an invisible face mask to help nourish the skin during the night. Nighttime is nature's time for rejuvenation. In the absence of UV light, pollution and stress, the face has an opportunity to rest and rejuvenate. Apply before going to sleep.

 After Shave Oil

  • After Shave Oil supplements the skin’s outer layer stripped away by the mechanical action of shaving, helping the skin maintain its critical barrier function. Apply after shaving.

The difference between your current skin and your best skin could simply be oil! #skinlovesoil

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