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About Fresh Glow

Fresh Glow is a wellness and beauty boutique, created with one goal - to let your beauty shine. Our unique product line is meticulously researched and carefully selected from the top brands in the category Worldwide. Fresh Glow is the exclusive Canadian partner for Bio-Oil, the number one selling skin care brand in over 18 countries. Today, Bio-Oil is the Number 1 selling brand for scars and stretch marks in Canada. The newest addition to the Fresh Glow family, Lipidol, has been created to help your skin maintain its natural balance and radiate with good health. By introducing lipids into moisturizers, cleaners and body wash, Lipidol is able to dissolve impurities without stripping away skin.


At Fresh Glow, we are passionate about finding innovative and natural solutions for your lifestyle. Click here to receive the latest updates about our expanding family, and fresh tips about how you can keep your beautiful glow year round.