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Working From Home: Tips + Tricks

Work From Home tips and tricks
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The past six months have taught us the importance of being organized, motivated and self- efficient in terms of working from home! This is a huge change for people, many of us would drive an hour to work, take the train, subway or even walk, now we simply get up, roll out of bed and log into our computers with our comfy clothes on. In todays time we want to avoid feeling over worked and burnt out. Here are some ways you can help yourself feel motivated every day.

Set up your work space

Not everyone has a home office but creating a quiet and functional space to work in every day is an important part of your success. A simple, organized space where you feel comfortable will help you get into the “work zone”. Try adding some of your favourite things like an essential oil diffusion to boost your energy or stationery items to stay on top of things. By creating an area that is simply for work will help you stay focused and on track.

Create boundaries

Do you work nine to five? Are your hours flexible? It’s easy to continue working all day and night when your workplace is now in your personal space. Constantly being on Zoom calls or Slack group messages can be overwhelming at times, remember to take a step back and disconnect for the day. Try choosing a time each day that you will end your work day, log off and put your work supplies away. By creating some ground rules for yourself you will feel more self-motivated and accomplished when your day is over.  

Move around

It is easy to dive right into work, checking emails, jumping on calls and complete projects without looking at the clock—all of a sudden, its lunchtime and you haven’t moved once from your workspace. Try giving yourself a set amount of time at your desk, each hour you must stand up, walk around or even stretch. This will help your body and mind feel refresh and motivated to continue your job.

Get ready

We all agree that working in our pajamas or comfy clothes isn’t too bad? Right? Although it is important to continue your normal morning routine. Take a shower, get dressed, head to the gym, or you’re your favourite breakfast. Some of us might still put on make-up, do your hair and put on our work attire. Or allow your skin to breathe, take a few minutes to do a self-care morning routine. Here at Fresh Glow HQ, we love using hydrating face care such as Bio-Oil Skincare Oil or Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask.

Remember we are all in this together and every day is different, remember your self-care routines and self-motivating tools to be successful!


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