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How to beat dry skin

How to beat dry skin
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Do you have itchy or inflamed, scaling, flaking or even cracking, dryness?. Dry skin is a common problem that often affects your full body from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.

1. Dry Winter Weather: Outside dries out your skin and indoors its artificial heaters that steal your moisture. Make sure to apply moisturizers such as oils or creams after a bath or shower. This acts as a barrier to protect the moisture you have from leaving your skin.

2. Believe it or not but over washing is a big culprit of dry skin. Try avoiding harsh soaps and adding a moisturizer by your sink for after you wash your hands.

3. Aging is another reason your skin gets dry. Start breaking out those over night oils or creams and apply right before you go to bed for optimum effect. Your skin rejuvenates itself the best when you are sleeping so taking advantage of those zzz.

4. Medication can also dry out your skin. Make sure you are hydrating your insides with water and probiotics to combat the moisture your medication is taking from you.

5. Eczema and psoriasis causes dry itchy skin. Make sure to go see your family doctor for preventative break outs and help.  





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