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Skin Detox | What is really happening?

Skin Detox. Why it's important to detox our skin and how can Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask Help.
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Is it normal to break out the first week of using Alya Skin? 

Our skin needs a little detox every once in a while, especially after vacations, sleeping with our make up on or we had too much sugar & junk food the night before. All the above unfortunately results in acne, blemishes, dull and tired-looking skin. A skin detox means allowing our skin to breathe, rejuvenate and recover from harsh day to day activities. It is important to use detoxing and safe products on our skin while we extract all the grime from our pores to see results in our overall skin health. 

Acne is complicated but your skincare routine doesn’t have to be. Alya Skin tackles all aspects of our blemishes including redness, breakouts, cystic acne and more. Our products help treat current acne breakouts but also helps long term to keep your pores clean and healthy while using Alya Skin products on a regular basis. Kaolin Clay is the key ingredient in our Pink Perfect Clay Mask when leaving the mask on for 10 minutes the clay is drawing all impurities from the skin. Use this 10-minutes to sit back & relax. These impurities include make-up, dirt, oils and daily environmental pollution. Kaolin Clay is very versatile and can be used safely on all skin types, even sensitive skin. 

Why use Alya Skin’s 4-step system? 

Our four steps work synergistically, each building from the previous step which helps our skin cleanse & regenerate healthy skin cells. 

Step One: Cleanser-- opens up your pores and surface bacteria 

Step Two: Exfoliate-- remove surface bacteria & dead skin cells 

Step Three: Face Mask-- kills bacteria and extracts all dirt & oils in your pores  

Step Four: Moisturize-- repair, moisturize and soothe skin  

Helpful tips & trick while your skin is detoxing: 

  1. At this stage of detoxing it is important to continue to exfoliate 3 times a  week. This will help your skin continue to release bacteria and help the skin appear more smooth 
  2. If possible, maintain your skin free of makeup and dirt-- let your skin breathe. Your skin is going through a lot of work, allow your skin to do its work   
  3. Continue use of the Pink Clay Mask, it helps clear the pores and help maintain clear skin
  4. Drink lots of water to flush out the pores and help the detoxing process 
  5. Steam your face with a facial steamer-- this will open your pores and allows the bacteria to escape 
  6. Don’t be scared to hydrate your skin after you have cleansed, exfoliated and used the face mask, it needs recovery and replenishment 

The key to any detox is implementing a healthy routine from the inside out, remember It tends to get worse before it gets better-- this is okay, it will happen. You may not be able to promise your skin that you’ll always say no to greasy foods or that sugary margarita but you can put more care and effort into your daily skincare routine morning and night. While taking small steps towards a healthier lifestyle and daily skincare routine you will begin to see improvement in your skin and have to detox less. 


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