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Developing the Best Skincare Habits

daily skincare routine, developing skin care habits that keep your skin glowing and healthy
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Our skin is the biggest organ in the human body. It protects us from the many harmful elements found in our environment, however, most of us do not have a proper skincare routine. Providing the quality care and time that our skin needs to protect us from the outside world, is crucial to healthy skin.

Skin care doesn't have to be complicated, or intimidating, in fact, it can be quite simple. It is all about providing your body with what it needs to protect and regenerate healthy skin cells. Here are some skincare habits you can easily incorporate into your daily routine:

1. Drink water: Although this seems like a simple task to complete during the day, we often get sidetracked and forget to stay hydrated. Hydration is the most crucial step to healthy skin. Our cells need water to function properly, when you drink a sufficient amount of water you provide your cells with the building blocks to regenerate from the inside out.

2. Exfoliate: Another key step to maintain healthy skin is to exfoliate at least once a week. Our skin is constantly renewing cells and shedding old ones. Exfoliating aids your skin shed old cells and promotes the growth of new cells.

3. Everyday Skincare: Take a look at the products you use on a daily basis. Are they helping you restore or damage your skin? How do you know? There are 2 simple ways to find out:

a) Ingredients -- Use skincare products with less than 50 ingredients on their label. If a skincare product contains more than 50 ingredients, the likelihood of harmful chemicals would be considered very high. Opt to use products free from parabens, sulphates, micro-beads, Phthalates. It is always a good idea to look for products that are safe for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic as they would be created with higher quality and carefully selected ingredients.

b) Water content in skincare -- Although water is wonderful for your skin when ingested, applied topically it is of no use to protect or regenerate your skin. As we know, our skin has a protective barrier to repel water.  Even so, most products to treat the skin are created with up-to 70% water, but when water comes in contact with the skin it just evaporates.

How do you know if your lotion or moisturizer is made up with mostly water? Take a look at the ingredients, if the first ingredient is "Aqua" that means the most prominent ingredient in the formulation is water. 

Here are a few skincare brands we love: 

Bio-Oil Specialist Skincare 

All Bio-Oil products are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic an non-acnegenic suitable for the most sensitive skin types. They have two products that can be easily incorporated in your skincare routine

Skincare Oil: Is a multiuse product to help correct skin imperfections such as scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone and ageing skin. 

Dry Skin Gel:  A potent skin moisturizer that contains only 3% water. Helps to create a moisture barrier and restore severe dry skin. Can be used from head to toe as a daily moisturizer or, just in targeted areas such as elbows, knees and feet. 

Alya Skin 3 Steps to Clear Skin: Helps detox and brighten your skin by drawing out impurities in a very gentle yet powerful way. The three steps include an exfoliating facial scrub to prep the skin and remove dead cells. A Pink Clay Face Mask that deeply cleanses the skin by removing toxins and dirt while reducing inflammation resulting in tighter pores and smoother skin. Then it finishes off with a moisturizer that contains native berries that are high in antioxidants and moisturizing agents. 

4. Good things take time: The technology used to create skincare has improved, but there isn't a magical overnight way to repair damaged skin or to improve elasticity and hydration. Good things take time and it is important to make sure that you are diligent with your everyday habits for skincare to reap the rewards of healthy and glowing skin. Most people tend to start noticing results within 2 weeks and even up-to 3 months it all depends on your current skin condition. 

It is time to embrace your natural beauty, and love the skin you are in! 



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