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How to help with oily skin?

How to help with oily skin?
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Me too!! I am in my late thirties and have been dealing with oily skin since (what feels like) I could talk. Don’t get me wrong I have some positive things to say about oily skin, but for the most part its how to deal with controlling that oil.
1. Oil based products
Now, I would have rolled my eyes in my twenties had someone told me to use an oil based cleanser and moisturizer. I would have sarcastically said "thanks but I am trying to control the 3 pm glow of makeup and oil shimmer and lessen the acne prone skin I have inherited”. I would have slowly walked away from the sales person or cosmetician rolling my eyes and looked for something to dry up my skin! Now in my thirties going into my forties I understand why the oil based products actually would have saved me a ton of money and helped my skin.
First, oil based cleansers are so mild on the skin that it is good for any skin type. Second, it removes dirt, excess oil, and makeup without stripping your natural oils. The truth of the matter is when we try and dry out our skin our body produces more oil in response. What does that mean? We should be locking that moisture in which in turn slows the production of oil and helps keep our skin looking its best.
2. Drink LOTS of water
I know my mom told me my whole life to drink more water, but again a lesson I learned in my thirties that could have helped my oily, acne prone skin in my teen years.
I won't go into ALL the reasons why drinking water is good for you because I know you know. But I will just add it to the list of keeping yourself hydrated which keeps your oils under control and your face glowing!
3. STOP working out with makeup on! (I am guilty of this)
We already have an issue with bigger pores! Do we really want to clog them whilst getting a sweat on? For those who are still getting their sweat on with makeup on, I will tell you this. Your makeup will not only clog your pores but has now gone below the surface layer of your skin and has settled nicely below the skin. YUCK!
4. ALWAYS wash your face before bed
It is the only time your skin rejuvenates the best. So, cleanse and put your overnight oil on for best results.


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