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Are you a mom-to-be?

Are you a mom-to-be?
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Pregnancy Stretch Marks & Bio-Oil

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times of a woman’s life.  It is a period of wonder as you watch your ever changing body for 9 months!  It can also be scary & overwhelming to see all the changes.

Some women love being pregnant while others don’t love every moment of the 9-month journey!  One thing all women have in common is the changes to their skin during pregnancy.

One of the most asked questions or concerns is about stretch marks.  Not every woman is proud to wear the ‘scars’ of pregnancy!  Most will spend the entire time lathering on all sorts of lotions that tell you it will prevent stretch marks!!

It’s really important to keep yourself hydrated during pregnancy - by drinking water and applying moisturizer to help the skin retain its moisture. 

Here is where Bio-Oil can help.  Bio-Oil is the iconic pinky-orange oil recommended by women all over the world!  They massage Bio-Oil into their skin faithfully every day.  You see, Bio-Oil is known to help improve the appearance of existing stretch marks as well as help during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks.  Pregnant women and Mom’s love to share their success stories with each other about their personal experience using Bio-Oil.

You are not alone if you check & double check the safety of any products you use during pregnancy.  Bio-Oil is safe to use during pregnancy, and in fact, one of its primary use is to prevent the development of stretch marks in pregnancy. By way of interest, Bio Oil has been assessed on per ingredient basis by experts to determine its safety profile. It has been used by pregnant women for over 20 years and is recommended worldwide by gynecologists and midwives. 

For moms-to-be, it is recommended that you use Bio-Oil twice a day (massage onto skin in a circular motion) which can greatly help to prevent the formation of stretch marks. Apply it to all areas that are prone to stretch marks – belly (get underneath it too!); upper arms, breasts, thighs, hips, lower back and don’t forget your bottom!  It can also help improve the appearance of existing stretch marks (using twice daily for at least 3 months).  It is easier to prevent stretch marks than it is to try and treat them after they have appeared! It is recommended that you start using Bio-Oil in your second trimester to help keep your skin soft and supple making it easier for the skin to stretch throughout your pregnancy and thereby helping to prevent stretch marks.

Pregnant women looking into the mirror while holding her belly

So, now what happens when your baby arrives?? 

Maybe you had a caesarian section?  Bio-Oil can help with this too!  Bio-Oil helps with all kinds of scars – including C-section scars.  Apply Bio-Oil with light pressure as you gently massage it in a circular direction on your scar.  This helps break down some of that scar tissue.  Do this for a minimum of 3 months to see best results.

Finally, there are a few other things you can use Bio-Oil for:

Belly itch during pregnancy – just apply it to your tummy and the skin will calm down with the soothing oil of chamomile in Bio-Oil.

Dry Skin (during and after pregnancy) – keep lathering that Bio-Oil on.  Your skin will love it and you will love how soft and smooth your skin will feel.

Looking after your skin during pregnancy can make a big difference to both your actual comfort level and your self-confidence as pregnancy hormones and a constantly changing body shape take their toll.

Skin loves oil, so continue to use Bio-Oil post pregnancy to keep your skin radiant and glowing!!


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