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5 Ways to Practice Effective Self Care in the Fall

5 ways to practice effective self care in the fall. Fall activities. Ways to feel better during the colder months.
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Self care is important all year round, but it is especially important during the fall. Why? After spending months in the sun, getting together for BBQ’s, pool parties and all the fun the summer months have to offer, it may be a little challenging to transition into a work/school hustle and bustle routine. Along with new routines, the fall season brings less daylight and more time spent indoors, which can contribute to seasonal blues.

To make sure you keep your spirits high and soak up all of the goodness the fall season has to offer, we have compiled a list of the best self-care tips you can try this season! 

  1. Digital Detox.

Number one on the list because it is clinically proven to have so many mood boosting and feel good benefits. By limiting the time spent in front of your screens, you will allow your mind to focus on all the other details that you may have not noticed if you were constantly checking your phone, computer and TV. A digital detox does not have to be putting your electronics away for months or deleting all your social media accounts. It could simply be a walk in the park for an hour without a phone, soaking in all the beautiful fall colors and nature sounds. Give a try and count how many times you are tempted to reach for your phone. 

  1. Cuddle up with a tea and one of your favorite books.

As cold weather brings us inside, it is not a bad idea to take advantage of it and enjoy a good book. Choose a rainy day so that you have relaxing nature sounds to make your reading experience even better. Even spending as little as 1 hour a day with a good book can improve your mood and mental well-being. 

  1. Moisturize from head to toe.

After spending our days in the summer sun chances are your skin is in need of some in depth moisturization. When the weather starts to cool down, the moisture in the air also drops causing dryness and itchiness.  On a weekend, take a very long shower (Until your fingers are almost prunes) immediately after cover your skin from head to toe with the most powerful moisturizer you can find in your house. Always keep in mind oil-based moisturizers are proven to work best on our skin and are highly recommended by dermatologists.  Allow a few minutes to soak up the oily goodness and enjoy your freshly renewed skin! 

  1. Face Mask goodness.

On the topic of skin care – don’t forget about your face! The skin in our face is very delicate and sometimes starts showing signs of sun damage and pollutant accumulation sooner than needed. Face masks are another way to practice self care, detox your skin and provide some rejuvenation to feel good. We recommend face masks made free of harsh chemicals, always choose something made from natural ingredients. These masks tend to be a lot better than quick fix chemical storms.  Ideally choose a line that has a step by step process to make the routine easy to adapt, for example Alya Skin has a 4-step system that can be used several times through the week. 

  1. Bake a delicious treat!

Add to your self care routine and make your taste buds happy by baking a delicious fall recipe. For example, bake a pumpkin pie or a banana bread. If you have never done it, you will be surprised by how easy it is to put together – and your whole house will smell delicious! Nothing better than enjoying a treat baked by yourself, play some music and dig in! You will be happy you got started.

In today’s world it is too easy to get caught up with the many demands of modern life. However, it is always important to understand that as much as our society is focused on productivity and outcomes, we can only perform our best when we take proper care of ourselves. Self care plays an important part in this – when we practice self care, we recognize we are worthy of prioritizing our needs and we are equally taking care of everyone around us. If the fall has you feeling blue – don’t hesitate to take a few hours to yourself and practice any of the self care tips above. You will be happy!


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