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4 Reasons to Improve your Skincare Routine During the winter

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The summer has come and gone, our tan lines are fading away, the leaves are changing and our skin is starting to feel dry.  But why? There are several factors that contribute to skin changes during the fall/winter months – including colder weather, dry air, hotter and longer showers, more clothing etc.  Although we are no longer showcasing our skin in bathing suits, it is still extremely important to maintain your skin healthy and hydrated. Here are 4 reasons to spruce up your skincare routine during the colder months. 

Avoid unnecessary dry skin itchiness

We have all experienced it – that uncomfortable sensation of non-stop itchiness. Often, it is blamed on the fabric of our clothing but it is mostly caused by severe dryness of the skin.  When our skin loses the moisture barrier it leaves our skin exposed to the outside environment which this causes tiny microscopic tears in the skin that make it feel itchy -- the more it itches the more you scratch but scratching only makes things worst. What your skin truly needs is to repair the moisture barrier – often by moisturizing with a highly potent oil-based moisturizer.

Prevent scaly and flakey skin

Scaly and flakey skin is not fun but most importantly, it shows that our skin is not performing at its best. Whether you are showcasing your skin or keeping it hidden under layers and layers of clothing, it is always important to keep your skin functioning at its best. Our skin is our largest organ and protects us from head to toe.  Watch out for scaly skin and double up on moisturizer when you see the first signs of it. This will maintain your moisture barrier so that your skin can protect you all winter long.

Have an easier transition from winter to spring

Most people wait until the spring time to start moisturizing their skin and bringing it back to health. However, it may take a lot longer to repair and heal your skin from severe dryness than it would be to maintain it moisturized through the winter months. If you maintain your skin through the winter chances are it will look more supple and radiant during the summer months!

Moisturized skin is healthier younger looking skin

Healthier skin looks younger and performs better – meaning the better your skincare routine the less time you will need taking care of your skin. Why? Because your skin will build resilience and health. So, if you miss a day without deeply moisturizing – it won’t be the end of the world. However, if your routine does not include head to toe moisturization on a regular basis, a day without deeply moisturizing your skin can mean the beginning of severe dry skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

Taking care of your skin has many short-term and long-term benefits.  Short term benefits include avoiding dry skin itchiness and flakiness. Long term benefits include maintaining supple, younger looking skin and avoiding all the dry skin problems can cause.  Since taking care of your skin feels good, we hope these reasons entice you into incorporating an oil-based moisturizer into your head to toe skincare routine.


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